urban kitty || outfit

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Sylvie and I went shopping in Liverpool - I feel like I'm up and down the country!
The dress is actually extremely big on me, that's what I get for buying it in size 10 and falling into temptation after seeing it for £20 in the sale. ToT so I had to belt it and add a tutu skirt underneigh to add a bit more volume to the skirt. Anyway, the cute cat ears and poofy skirt make the whole outfit very endearing but I didn't want to look like a cute little walking target (so I have been called) hence I added my favouritest new outerwear which is my denim jacket and chunky boots! And if all else fails, my catty headgear is rimmed with spikes so they any muggers can take a headbutt to the face! =^o^= me-ouch!


london || PHOTO DIARY

A few of my friends (Sylvie, Nick, Charlie and Katie) and I hopped off into London for a short trip!

1. The first stop was Oxford Street and anyone who knows me knows I love socks so I always end up drooling in front of every Topshop sock display.

2. On the second day we decided to be all cultured and visit the Natural History Museum. I was craving waffles like a rabid rabbit so I got this awesome looking cookies'n'cream one as we waited outside in the freezing snow (look at the joy on Charlie and Nick's faces!).

'naaarrhhhgh' - that's supposed to be a whale noise...

3. Next, I needed my hit of BUBBLE TEA. Honestly, I cannot live with the stuff. I also get the rest of the gang to get just as obsessed.

4. My favourite spot of the whole trip was at Camden, probably just because of Rokit and the wonderful array of vintage clothing~ I ended up buying a really nice denim jacket for £30!

5. We walked over to Embankment Pier where you could see the London Eye, Big Ben and all that fun touristy stuffs and ended up heading to Trafalgar Square. 

I felt a bit like God sat on Nelson's Column and watching over this view *-*

6. Then off to meet the Queen... kinda! We ended up walking all the way to Buckingham Palace surprisingly!

7. Last stop was for some bubble tea (of course) across Piccadilly Circus and into China Town. 

I had an awesome three days with my friends. London is one of the iconic cities so it's good to walk around there and just to think you are living thousands of peoples dreams just being in the city. No doubt many of you have and will visit, you'll have to tell me about it! ^___~ 


rosy birthday || outfit-of-the-day

jumper/topshop    socks/topshop    skirt/chicwish    lipstick/beguiled/topshop

*cue cake, banners, balloons and a very bloated birthday girl* aaaah, good ol' b-daaays! This is what I wore for my birthday dinner. I got the loveliest socks from Hannah for my birthday present, these are my personal favourite. I just adore quirky socks! Who wouldn't want cute little smiley fruits on their feet?! I think they add such a quaint touch to an outfit. My mother gifted me this dainty amber-like necklace, it makes me feel a little bit more... proper, like I should be in Mad Men or something (or is it just me? ...probably!). Also, this skirt is also my favourite skirt ever~ I love the colour (red is my absolute favourite colour to wear) and the rose texture is just so pretty. The shape makes you want to wonder into a field of flowers and spin around for hours!


côte d'azur || outfit-of-the-day

jumper/primark    denim skirt/topshop/£30    socks/topshop/£3.50    flatforms/river island

Alas! The sun in Britain has started to return! 
A fresh change of weather calls for a fresh change in wardrobe does it not? I myself have become rather weary of the blacks. Socks are a great way to transition from winter. I cannot express my love of this pair and being an avid sock fan, I love socks in general! Let me tell you - standing in front of the sock section of topshop is my heaven! I really need some more neon pairs... I absolutely adore the colour of these ones (sylvie got them me as a birthday present ^^), since I love to clash colours. A recent purchase of mine is this denim skirt and without a doubt it is now a staple in my wardrobe which leans into the much brighter and sunny side of style 
note to self: must stop biting lips!