My Shoe Collection!

So these are all the shoes I wear on a daily basis! The two main things I look for in shoes is some extra height to accompany my teeny tiny height (those extra inches make every difference!) and a colour which is versatile and easy to wear. My shoe collection isn't extensive but it is just enough to fit every occasion (except sports ^^;;). 


The Script || outfit-of-the-day

waterproof coat/primark     creepers/primark/£12     charlie simpson t-shirt     shorts/primark

Sylvie and I went to see The Script recently for her birthday!
I feel as though shorts and tights is a classic combination in terms of concert wear! It keeps you warm in the hideously shivering cold outdoors yet allows you to dance away to your hearts content indoors. I keep my house keys on a key ring which I loop on my belt loop - it ensures I don't lose them! I wore my creepers because they a) gave me an inch or so in extra height (well needed when you are so short and have a large busty women blocking your view) b) are comfy and c) are cheap and easily replaced if trampled upon by crazed fangirls. The waterproof coat it very handy in keeping me warm as well as having lots of pockets so I didn't need a heafy bag to carry around and it's also very lightweight so I can easily tie it around my waist. I also wore my beloved Charlie Simpson t-shirt, band t-shirt are always the obvious choice when it comes to gigs and concerts and it's okay to wear a t-shirt of another artist as long they don't clash (Justin Bieber tee at an Arctic Monkeys gig?). Overall, it is not the most glamorous outfit, but it isn't the most glamorous affair either. I feel like practically always comes first when it comes to enjoying great music!


spring zest || nails-of-the-day

miss sporty/popcorn/£1.99      miss sporty/blue bath/£1.99      natural collection/£1.89

I'm not going to go into 'long time no see's or 'sorry, I've not blogged in a while!'. I clearly am terrible in frequent posting and unfortunately, I don't think my lazy teenage ways will change anytime soon... but the good news is spring and slight sunshine is starting to burst though the gloomy English evenings~ so here is a nice uplifting nail 'art' just to reflect the loveliness of spring which you can recreate with a handful of nail varnishes, a toothpick and steady hand.
Also, you may notice some changes to my blog. It is still a work in progress, but hopefully you like it. It feels like a new fresh canvas waiting to be splashed with a bunch of vibrant paints (aka. blog posts!).