retro green || outfit-of-the-day

dress/romwe   watch/korea   bracelet/miss selfridge   necklace/miss selfridge   jumper/topshop

basically a kind of reiteration of my last outfit post, it's more or less the same thing! the whole thing kind of looks odd... but lets just call it 'quirky' okay?! :D actually, looking back I wonder why on Earth I put this on but this dress has been a life saver, my all time favourite dress and such a transitional piece from summer to winter~ 


psychedelic pastels || outfit-of-the-day

shoes/35,000/Korea    socks/topshop/3 for £8    necklace/miss selfridge/£2    headband/ebay    backpack/68,000/Korea    jumper/topshop    dress/romwe/£25

here features my current favourite dress and shoes. the shoe are kind of 'creeper' style but I've not seen any quite like these, it's very love or hate (but I LOVE them to bits!) but they are so cute paired with (some of my many) socks! they add instant edgy-ness to an outfit. Also, there are quite a lot of studs here... I like studs a lot but like the ombre trend it's too popular, yet I can't help but gravitate towards them. oh and thanks to Sylvie for taking the photos (waaay better than my other photos taken with various DIY tripods I have to say!) and for the title of this blog as she has been pushing me to post this for so long but I just couldn't come up with a name. Haha!


Grunge Festival || outfit-of-the-day

necklace/miss selfrige/sale£2   demin shirt/primark/£10   skirt/h&m/sale£7

this is what I'd say I'd wear to a festival! The 'Boston' top was actually past down to me by my sister, I don't know why but I've always loved it (it was a change from her chavvy pants!) it reminded me of Peyton from One Tree Hill. & I wore a bunch of old bracelets I found from a well needed clean up of my room. I paired it with this skirt from H&M (that I found sprawled at the back of my wardrobe) I actually got for £2 with a £5 voucher! I don't own a skirt which isn't 'poofed' out so it's a change, I like how it doesn't really fit in with the whole outfit because it is quite formal looking. Also threw on a pair of very laddered sheer dotted tights.
So, basically most of this outfit is just made up of a bunch of old forgotten pieces of my wardrobe! I actually safety pinned the denim shirt on either side to give it texture, because to me festival fashion has a lot of different textures to it rather than just some boring flat outfit. & these boots *sigh* they are my go-to-shoes, I LIVE off these boots, as long as I have a pair of biker boots I will never need any other shoes ~ they are so comfy and stylish. I would happily be able to walk around in these for hours.

& also! new larger photos, I don't know if I like it more or less but.. we shall seeee!


sweet macaroons || outfit-of-the-day

bag/topshop   skirt/newlook   dip dye jumper/topshop/£28   shirt/primark


blue skies and powdered primroses


I hope you don't mind the new setting.. if you look through my other pictures they seemed very whited out and I felt the lighting here was better, so sorry that the background isn't as clean and blank. i apologize that i look extremely moody too! oh dear..

I am well and truly in love with this outfit! it's probably my ALL TIME favourite! I just love the almost neon pastely sky blue jumper in combination to the powder pink dress and finished off with a gold necklace. it's so.. topshop-y! hence why I am holding topshops magazine which matches the colour scheme of my outfit. hope you're enjoying your Easter holidays guys!


flirty floral ✿

flower clip/primark

you can tell i couldn't think of an original title! i officially have an obsession with socks~
also I'm trying to find a prom dress and accessories... it's so difficult!
spring is around the corner and this isn't something i would normally wear, unless you go back into time to 2010 Jess or early 2011 Jess, I think my style has changed quite a bit. It's nice to go back though 

went on a bit of a rage with the selcas! adore this effect, i shall miss picnik T____T


Lush Haul #2

I got the Northern Lights gift set during the christmas sales, some things are only limited christmas editions and i also got some bits and bobs for christmas. Seriously, I've become a Lushie! It just smells amazing, if you haven't tried Lush yet i recommend that you do.