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It seems like forever since my last proper fashion post and a lot had happened since. One thing that has developed is my attempted aversion to black which I have, somewhat, accomplished with my trusted denim jacket and silver flatforms. Often when I throw an outfit together without thinking, I usually end up in head to toe in the dreaded shade *sighhh* I am sporting my newest bag which my mother kindly calls my "boy boy bag" (thanks mum). It is a Nike backpack. Although it is admittedly not the most 'fashionable' (and presumably intended to be used by hikers rather than a little girls), it is immensely practical thus perfect in my eyes! Since I've become an art student I tend to carry a lot of things around i.e. a sketchbook, pencils, my camera etc etc. This was true today since I went gallery-ing once more - it was so much fun! 

p.s. thanks to my 'photographer' Georgie! ^^

p.p.s. I cut my hair! ... just in case you didn't already notice.