flirty floral ✿

flower clip/primark

you can tell i couldn't think of an original title! i officially have an obsession with socks~
also I'm trying to find a prom dress and accessories... it's so difficult!
spring is around the corner and this isn't something i would normally wear, unless you go back into time to 2010 Jess or early 2011 Jess, I think my style has changed quite a bit. It's nice to go back though 

went on a bit of a rage with the selcas! adore this effect, i shall miss picnik T____T


Lush Haul #2

I got the Northern Lights gift set during the christmas sales, some things are only limited christmas editions and i also got some bits and bobs for christmas. Seriously, I've become a Lushie! It just smells amazing, if you haven't tried Lush yet i recommend that you do.