flirty floral ✿

flower clip/primark

you can tell i couldn't think of an original title! i officially have an obsession with socks~
also I'm trying to find a prom dress and accessories... it's so difficult!
spring is around the corner and this isn't something i would normally wear, unless you go back into time to 2010 Jess or early 2011 Jess, I think my style has changed quite a bit. It's nice to go back though 

went on a bit of a rage with the selcas! adore this effect, i shall miss picnik T____T


Xx.Emma.xX said...

Cute as always the colours are sooo gorgeous x

Chaitea said...

Wow I love that outfit!
It's so cute and girly.
The cute socks and heels really added a special touch
Now I'm sounding creepy so I'll stop.
But really you look gorgeous.
lol kthxbai

Kay said...

I love your whole outfit! So cute! I am new to blogging and I'm having a giveaway. Please check it out. I am following you now, hope you return the follow. =)


Jess said...

Thank you Emma!! ^^ xx

Jess said...

thank you very much, you're not creeperish at all ^.^
your blog is awesome by the way!

Jess said...

indeed I've followed back :) thanks dear!

Xx.Emma.xX said...

Hii xx ... Iv given you the Versatile blogger award x

Jess said...

Ooooh thank you so so much!! ^___^ <33