blue skies and powdered primroses


I hope you don't mind the new setting.. if you look through my other pictures they seemed very whited out and I felt the lighting here was better, so sorry that the background isn't as clean and blank. i apologize that i look extremely moody too! oh dear..

I am well and truly in love with this outfit! it's probably my ALL TIME favourite! I just love the almost neon pastely sky blue jumper in combination to the powder pink dress and finished off with a gold necklace. it's so.. topshop-y! hence why I am holding topshops magazine which matches the colour scheme of my outfit. hope you're enjoying your Easter holidays guys!


Sylvie said...

very model-esque with the moody expression;D LUUUURVE this outfit! probably one of my favourite outfits of yours, though you've still not convinced me with the necklace;) <333

Yak Man said...

love this outfit! :D I love your style n-n. Yoiur hair looks more cruly at the last photo of the collage photo :)

Jessica said...

thank yoou! :D
it was more curly, i forgot to spray it so it just fell out a little. meh!

Jessica said...

Next post will be very smiley!! :D it's kind of cringey looking at it now.
YAYAYAYAYAYAYAAYYAYAYAY! How can you NOT like the necklace :O
It just completes the outfit!

StyleandBeautie said...

Lovely outfit x

MAC and Regal Rose Giveaway x

Jessica said...

thanks dear! I shall check out your giveaway ^^ x

Anonymous said...

amazing outfit!love the combination!

Nicole said...

OMG great outfit!!! It's my favourite of yours too!!!