denim dayz || outfit

denim jacket/rokit    dress/primark    shawl/topshop    flatforms/korea

Hola! It is time again where I can wear my denim jacket full-time once more! In the words of my friend "you dress like a big flower or just wear denim". I think I love this jacket mainly because it reminds me of a jacket Keith Murray wears.

I was in the process of editing photos for an outfit post, however my laptop – being its old tattered self – decided to become extremely slow. It probably doesn’t help that I still have the ‘shopper’s buzz’ and am currently throwing it into data-overload-mode by playing my recent album purchases (WHY iTunes WHY?!).

My life seems to be consumed by games, music and shopping. Not ideal for the start of the school season I must say but it cannot seem to be helped! I wake up and automatically reach for my DS. When I walk to school I listen to my ipod and I just recently purchased a brand new dress and shoes. Sigh.

I am very pleased I have somewhat of a budding album collection though! It is a rarity I ever get an album unless I am absolutely in love with it, after all, they are ridiculously priced! Plus, I have been lusting after these albums for a long time now. If you are interested, here is my favourite song of the moment from my equally favourite album of the moment!



cosmic generation is no more!

little-cosmos is now where it's at! *gangsta finger click*

Basically, (for those who wish not to read the following rambles) I have changed my URL from:

If you've been a fairly long follower of my blog (albeit unlikely!) you would have seen me go through the strenuous process of re-designing the whole layout! It has taking me painful hours of my life but I've got to a fairly nice standard considering I am a major HTML noob.

BUT it is not over yet! I'm still in the process of re-designing and I'm hoping I can get some of my own work/'illiustations' up for the side bar. The whole format of this blog, I think, has changed drastically from when I started. Since it has changed so much I think it's time for a new URL for the new look!

it all started off as jessicaissowalruslike to cosmicgeneration and now little-cosmos. crazy.

for small niche of you who are following my blog - thank you!
I'm still finding my feet and honestly I have a very tiny following but I am more than content with the followers I have, so I will keep marching forward and hopefully improve this blog even further for you all.


astronomical spirit || outfit

top/topshop    skirt/topshop    flatforms/river island    bag/primark    socks/korea

I got called a hippy whilst wearing this ensemble which doesn't sound too bad at all oddly. Embrace the bohemian! I decided that this is my 'space hippy' look since my matching silver flatforms and nails give it that lunar look! The sleeves on this top is brilliant and perfect for those who are arm conscious (bingo wings anyone?) yet still want to keep well ventilated in warm climates. I would definitely recommend you try something different and give the boho sleeves a go. The chiffon-like material feels devine on your skin - just try resist flapping your arms! I definitely felt like a bit of a pigeon...