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Hola! It is time again where I can wear my denim jacket full-time once more! In the words of my friend "you dress like a big flower or just wear denim". I think I love this jacket mainly because it reminds me of a jacket Keith Murray wears.

I was in the process of editing photos for an outfit post, however my laptop – being its old tattered self – decided to become extremely slow. It probably doesn’t help that I still have the ‘shopper’s buzz’ and am currently throwing it into data-overload-mode by playing my recent album purchases (WHY iTunes WHY?!).

My life seems to be consumed by games, music and shopping. Not ideal for the start of the school season I must say but it cannot seem to be helped! I wake up and automatically reach for my DS. When I walk to school I listen to my ipod and I just recently purchased a brand new dress and shoes. Sigh.

I am very pleased I have somewhat of a budding album collection though! It is a rarity I ever get an album unless I am absolutely in love with it, after all, they are ridiculously priced! Plus, I have been lusting after these albums for a long time now. If you are interested, here is my favourite song of the moment from my equally favourite album of the moment!

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