cosmic generation is no more!

little-cosmos is now where it's at! *gangsta finger click*

Basically, (for those who wish not to read the following rambles) I have changed my URL from:

If you've been a fairly long follower of my blog (albeit unlikely!) you would have seen me go through the strenuous process of re-designing the whole layout! It has taking me painful hours of my life but I've got to a fairly nice standard considering I am a major HTML noob.

BUT it is not over yet! I'm still in the process of re-designing and I'm hoping I can get some of my own work/'illiustations' up for the side bar. The whole format of this blog, I think, has changed drastically from when I started. Since it has changed so much I think it's time for a new URL for the new look!

it all started off as jessicaissowalruslike to cosmicgeneration and now little-cosmos. crazy.

for small niche of you who are following my blog - thank you!
I'm still finding my feet and honestly I have a very tiny following but I am more than content with the followers I have, so I will keep marching forward and hopefully improve this blog even further for you all.

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