Lush Haul #2

I got the Northern Lights gift set during the christmas sales, some things are only limited christmas editions and i also got some bits and bobs for christmas. Seriously, I've become a Lushie! It just smells amazing, if you haven't tried Lush yet i recommend that you do. 

Northern Lights Soap / Angel's Delight Soap / Snow Globe Soap
the rainbow soap (as i like to call it!) smells like what it says, a kind of zesty pine, an unusual combination but it smells wonderful. Angel's Delight smells girly and cute and Snow Globe in my opinion smells a little like apple.

The Jilted Elf Shower Gel/ Pow Wow Light Scrub
unusual ones, apparently this shower jelly makes you feel drunk... interesting one to test out! Secondly the lip scrub, it's far cheaper to mix a little bit of honey, olive oil and sugar to make your own lip scrub and leading to completely the same results. However this one smells exactly like the green fruit pastel! no lie.

Celebrate Lip Tint / Chilli Tingle Lip Tint
the thing I don't get with the celebrate lip tint is why exactly they put this strange candy sprinkled on top, it said you can eat it (and oh i tried!! tasted like soap!) or leave it on as decoration... er? wouldn't recommend this one, it comes out very sheer but moisturing in comparison to the other lip tints, but why not go buy a tin or vaseline instead? On the other hand, i do adore chilli tingle, it's not smooth but the colour is lovely and buildable, great pop of colour.

Glogg Shower Gel / Snow Fairy Shower Gel
oh the famous Snow Fairy, smells amazing, deserved all the hype, except... it's super expensive, only comes out at Christmas and when it finally does they miraculously sell out in a click of a finger!

Igloo Sugar Scrub / Dirty Tooth Tabs / Buffy / Each Peach Massage Bar
sugar scrubs are not my favourite product from lush, nevertheless it's still nice. Buffy... I've said before but this is the thing I keep repurchasing, great before a shave ~ i really recommend it. This massage bar smells like a dream, the smell lingers in the room after you use it. As for the tooth tabs, I'm a little hesitant to use it, I'll let my sister try it first. >:)

Lustre Body Powder / Whoosh Shower Jelly / Igloo Sugar Scrub 
Lustre Body Power gives a nice shimmering glow to the skin which will look great on legs. 


Yak Man said...

I've heard great things about those tooth tabs haha :P. Lovely products! ♥

Jess said...

oh really? well i may have to brave it and try it myself ^^

Xx.Emma.xX said...

Jealous this stuff is amazing i love lush's shower jellies and angel delight soap ....but im nt brave enuff to try the tooth tabs LoOl