Lush Haul #1

the season of festive lush goodies are out! if i go again i think i will get Snow Fairy~ it isn't a best seller for nothing! it smells sooooOoo yummy ^.^ like 'candyfloss' i always love lush knowing its made by natural ingredients, most of the products really work as well and smell just YUMMY! (others do stink though) although if you buy a lot it gets pretty pricey. 

this along with Buffy are the ones i always go back on, but i do like buffy better because its more exfoliating because it has more almond shells. If you've never got anything from lush before i suggest getting King Of Skin because it gently exfoliates without being too rough, smells pretty nice and leaves your skin so soft! Its good for sensitive skin in contrast to Buffy and great before a shave.

 it's fairtrade~~!! with solid chunks of sugar this is very exfoliating, but the good thing it that the sugar dissolves so it doesn't blog up your bath/shower.

this one smells like lemon ^^ and its super melty - seriously- i can feel it slipping away when i hold it. it leaves your skin feeling moisturised. this is a massage bar so you just spread it over your arm or where ever - its not a soap!



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Second Hand Rose said...

Thanks so much for showing us these and explaining them all. When I go in there, I never know what to buy because there are so many good things! Love your blog! XxxX http://thesecondhandrose.blogspot.com/

Ana said...

i've been flirting around if i should or not buy the king of skin, i was afraid that it would be too rough, but i'll probably give it a shot;)