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Things are pretty low when the designer gets peer pressured to by her own models to pose in her own garments. A great opportunity to swipe the images and plaster them on thy blog though! Do you ever get those times where you wear one thing and seem to get a bunch of compliments on it? This dress seems to be one of those things. It made me so happy that people liked something I made without the knowledge of knowing that I actually made it.

These shoes are also my go to. They're black, have a reasonable heel length (essential for this shorty) and are easy to slip on and off, a.k.a perfection. Bonus: they were cheap and my sister bought them me for Christmas!

And why is it that whenever I get asked to pull a 'neutral' face I still end up smiling?!



Carina Maree said...

Oh my goodness, this dress is GORGEOUS! And you make a beautiful model :)

xx Carina

Jessica said...

Thank you, Carina!!! You really are too kind ToT <33

jennifer permata said...

YOU ARE GORGEOUS JESSSS!!! please make me one of those dresses sobs so talented

Jessica said...

THANK YOU JENNNNN!! Honestly, if you want one I can make and send you one as a gift! ^u^

Xiuling said...

Wow you made that? Im gonna be honest and say that I was scrolling down this post to see if you mentioned where you bought the dress.

Mamuka Maghradze said...

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