Top Five Moments of Late 2014

Happy New Years all! A little belated, yes, but *cough* better late than never. Weirdly, late 2014 is lacking in photographs. I must not have taken as many (that or they are on my film camera) but I'm going to try salvage whatever I can. So here goes, the top five moments on the latter half of the year gone by!

1. Brunch Dates

[Sorry for any involuntary salivating I may have unintentionally induced] Oh so many lovely meals out with my auntie, cousins and uncle. They were mainly girly little brunch outings. We went everywhere from tea houses, steak houses, to pizza take outs. They also kindly catered to my love of desserts... damn they were b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l. Food aside, I love spending quality family time in their company!

2. New School Year

Certain things happen which may seem bad at the time but somehow they work out for the better. I didn't get into the universities I initially wanted to but starting the course I currently am on was the greatest thing, education/creativity-wise, to happen to me. I started to actually feel that I could do the things I wanted (which is fashion) and express myself the way I couldn't previously. Being surrounded by creative like-minded people has been the best eye opening opportunity I have been given.

3. Dolphinholme

Imagine starting a new school. You're the socially awkward kid and you literally know no one. Then you are forced into staying at a two day residential with a bunch nameless faces you only got acquainted with two weeks prior. Sounds like hell, right? I thought it would be... but it turned out to be hilarious. Especially during the night - we got spooked by some guys coming around scaring everyone in their tents which consequently lead to our tutors finding us all hiding behind the kitchen counter. We also stole toilet paper from a neighboring tent and Alice went a little crazy and began making shadow puppets. I also (surprisingly) further established some newly found friendships which would last throughout the year (and hopefully longer!).

4. Oxford 

I went to visit my brother and sister-in-law in Oxford. My brother acted as a bit of a 'tour guide' (he was pointing out the obvious might I add). We walked around, shopped, went punting with a pair of Germans (lovely people!), went to the gallery, ate yummy food and most importantly - had the most delicious bubble tea I have ever had E-V-E-R. So authentic, such lovely distinctive 'tea' taste and the right kind of bitter. Mmmmmm. I had a grand time.

5. Wedding

What kind of sister would I be if I didn't even mention my own sister's wedding? ^-^ I officially love weddings. I especially loved hanging around my family as we tried to get each other more drinks. It was so much fun that went asked about the wedding by my friend I responded 'I had 2 jagerbombs and several other drinks and I still didn't get tipsy!' - it was safe to say he wasn't really impressed with that answer. Seriously though, I probably could not have picked a better brother-in-law. Who else would manage with our crazy family?

Phew! I actually had more photos than I anticipated. A few other noteworthy occasion is Christmas of course! My brother stayed for a week. My whole family knows how much I love my brother's visits, we all do. And also a Christmas meet up with some old friends, because who doesn't love a little friendly get together?

That wraps up 2014! 

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