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It's been SUCH a long time!! Writing here feels like a fond reunion with an old friend and I just want to spew out my whole entire life story. I feel like this year has been such a journey and played a very key part in my life. I've adopted the minimalism philosophy, began to pay more attention to politics (knowledge I always thought was important), began to think more strongly on issues regarding feminism, rape, democracy in Hong Kong and overall thinking more ethically about the things I buy - minimising waste, spending less and making a move towards cruelty free products. I feel like as a person I have improved, become more independent and overall nicer person. I still have a long way to go but every effort counts towards something, right?

Well, since jumping into the minimalism philosophy I've began to think carefully about my purchases. Though I think it is important to enthasise minimalism and treating yourself is not mutually exclusive! When you see something you absolutely love swaying temptingly on the hanger for £15, you cannot possibility say no! And that was the case with this amazing kimono I found in my local vintage shop.

This kimono is absolutely beautiful with red oriental embroidery detail contrasting against the sheer black fabric. It has earned me a few compliments and also got me street snapped when wearing it to GFW last week. I've also been loving wearing these chunky heeled over the knee boots. A casual substitute to a heel with a little more comfort. I've been wearing them a lot for drinks with friends.

Many thanks to Walu, my flatmate for taking these photos! I can't wait to attempt to get back onto this blogging game during the summer.

Much loves

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