Top Five Moments of Early 2015

Top SEVEN moments of early 2015**
Very late post! Prolonged due to my lack of motivation to get off my bum and develop my film photographs which are supposed to accompany said events spoken about in the following post! Shall update it after they are developed (probably won't) but for continuities sake... here's the unfinished article :3

1. Spain 

A trip to Edinburgh several years ago was branded by my brother as our "last family holiday" 

2. Drinks at Charlie's 

Originally intended to be a 'photoshoot' day for my recently made garment turned out to just be a day showing Charlie drinking games, taking a few lame pictures, watching Top of the Pops (ft. the brilliant Legs & Co - queue more drinking games) and feeling extremely sick from excessive sugary drinks and Pimms. I didn't get many pictures, mainly because the only ones consisted mainly of me throwing myself around Charlie's attic. It was awesome to catch up with my bestest brahmiga! Chaazzar, u da bomb. 

3. Exhibition Night

The final night of our exhibition finally dawned. My closest friends on my course and I felt quite somber and sad to reach the end of our time on the course. Yet, we were excited and happy at the same time for the good things in store for us. It's was like a not-so-final final goodbye. All the work on show was amazing too. We all come from pretty much unknown towns but the local talent definitely shone through. I invited my best friend and boyfriend and it was nice to have various groups of my own friends mingle together. I loved you FAD. I miss you so very deeply and thank you for one of the best years of my life.

5. Blackpool and Scarborough

Sam and I's first real 'outing' or 'date' was to Blackpool (looking back on it now is so weird, having gone through so much more adventures since then). I loved it. It was hilarious being chased by seagulls along the seafront with our chips! We both agreed we probably looked like huge ignorant tourists. Eventually, Sam decided to throw his chips down at them and we both made a break for it whilst a group of people were walking behind us - probably laughing at our whole odeal.

6. Oxford

7. Bowness and Keswick

Bowness was supposed to be a 'scouting' trip to find a good camping spot for our next trip to the Lake District. Unfortunately, Bowness was too 'touristy' to have any potential camping spots, despite efforts of walking around in circles to find one. We found a nice little walk, a bit away from the large crowds though. We laid on the grass for a while and just talked. It was peaceful and I wouldn't change it in anyway. Sometimes the simplest things, when you're not even doing anything in particular, are one of the most blissful moments you can experience.
As mentioned earlier, Keswick was supposed to be our camping trip but Sam's co-workers advised against camping with his lack of knowledge in tent set up. We ended up staying in a bed and breakfast and spent half our first day there. =w=  In the morning we woke up and mingled with a lovely older couple during breakfast and went on a walk towards the mountains which Sam called "Skyrim irl". On the way we ran into another old couple from our bed and breakfast! It was amusing seeing that we seemed to be the youngest visitors. heheh

Other noteable occasions included the time my old Sixth Form friends and I met to go to the pub. Also, Nick's BBQ which he - admittedly - hosted extremely well. All of them were amazing moments but for the sake of shortening the post, I'm not going to talk too in depth about it!

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