Top Five Moments of Early 2014

Initially, I did want to do a photo diary every six months but I realised that it was a little unrealistic keeping track of everything that happens on a daily basis (which is surprisingly a lot, even for a introvert/homebody like me) but I still wanted to create an opportunity for me to be able to look back on my life. So, instead here is the condensed version - the top five moments of early 2014! 

 1. Hong Kong

Hong Kong is definitely a highlight of mine. Without a doubt. My whole family went including my in-laws which was just double to fun. Plus, I got to reunite with my awesomest cousins - hey Sinny, Tubbs + Emie (if you ever read this)! There was SO much more that happened that I simply cannot fit it all into a simple blog post. I'm sure you could imagine though, travelling is like everyone's favourite little adventure!

2. The last day of school. 

Need I say more? It was a huge relief just to leave that dreadful place but besides that my friends and I went to have a lovely meal afterwards and not only that as well but I went to my first ever festival! It wasn't a typical outdoorsy type one but the music was so on point! I watched The Heartbreaks, The Midnight Beast, Life in Film, Catfish and the Bottlemen and Sivu, several of which are my favourite bands.

3. Prom. 

It wasn't so much prom itself but also the events leading up to it. I went to Georgie's house (which is the most beautiful place ever) and it was like a whirlwind of events: we were both surprised by having a day at a salon getting our nails and makeup done; I forgot my prom dress (doh!); had one too many champagnes; and got ready whilst ever so slightly tipsy. I was happy that I got to see everyone together for that one last time.

4. Reunited with my family. 

I hadn't seen much of my Dad's side of the family in years. This family in particular (Dad's youngest brother) I hadn't seen in about 11 years. I honestly did think it was going to be awkward and I would just sit there in silence whilst everyone talked amongst themselves but we got along famously. My cousin and I also reunited and I loved her when I was young - even after all these years we just got along so so well. We're like twinnies! I just love them so much.

5. Little moments with my friends and family. 

For the fifth and final moment it isn't just one significant day but various 'insignificant' ones I've spent with my friends and family. I would do them an injustice if I hadn't mentioned them. You don't need a big fancy excuse to just enjoy the company of people you love. The days I've spent getting 'freedom cake' with Charlie, taste testing food with my sister and brother-in-law and 'stalking' Vincent around school are little things that make everyday life that little bit more happy. ^^

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