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Flashback to Spring/Summer 2013. Of course, I would not wear this outfit now as the weather is absolutely pitiful (as a Brit I feel it is obligatory that I must mention this). I call this a 'photoshoot' but the reality may have just merely two teenagers going snap-happy with a large pricey camera. I do like a good photo though! I've ventured out into Polaroids and film (maybe one day I will venture out into lomography).

Is anyone else in the excitable Christmas mood? I for one am! I have been creating a long list of presents I want to get everyone - as you grow older it is true you get more pleasure from gifting than receiving. Another sign that I am inevitably growing up... I love socks as presents! Now that is a shocker to my past preadolescence self.


Carina Maree said...

Love the outfit! It's so cheerful.

I am SO excited for Christmas! Indications that I am getting older is that the majority of my wishlist consists of cookbooks haha! Some more socks would be nice though too.

xx Carina

P.S I just found your blog and love it! I'll be following for sure

Jessica said...

thank you so much Carina! gosh, we're all getting old now! of course, you can never have too many socks.

thank you very much and have a lovely Christmas!

Emiri♥ said...

hey! thank you for your comment :)
you look so gorgeous in your outfit here! love it <3


Jessica said...

Thank you, Emiri! :)