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mock turtle neck/thifted    shorts/ebay    belt/primark    socks/topshop    creepers/primark    backpack/korea    necklace/topshop

A little different from the typical outfit photos since the ones I initially took were... how do I put this... blaaargh! It was just one of those days ^^;;  However, summer has arrived and I have achieved nothing I had originally planned (I did however manage spending a bucket load of money on shopping OTL;;). Hopefully, the tides will change and grant me a more productive summer *crossed fingers* but as pictured here I did visit Manchester's Art Gallery and it was the epitome of lovely. The art work (particularly on the top floor) was exactly the type of art I like - a mixture of modern, minimalist, subjective, controversial, interactive, message-driven and 'wait-is-this-even-art?' art. 

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