Here's a photo diary of the (not-so) new year so far! In the year of 2013 I vowed to myself that I would improve my cooking for the sake of my future independence and lack of my mothers presence - boo. My cooking endeavors are very much 'hit-and-miss'. Sometimes I come up with cutlery genius but more often than not it turns out to be a major flop, naturally I did not include those in this blog! This is a tuna and courgette pasta. You can get the recipe from foodwishes.com or foodwishes on YouTube. I love his recipes. Also, a super simple mango ice cream!

Galleying with Nick. Costa with Charlie. Bubble Tea with Sylvie

It seems Costa has become the student hangout. I like the atmosphere in coffee shops, I'm sure you know what I mean! The nice sanctuary it provides on those particularly gloomy and wet English days is always lovely. And the mandatory bubble tea fix! I'm sure if your Asian you know of this legendary liquid~ I literally walked past it when it was newly open and stood in the middle of a crowd of people going "omg omg omg BUBBLE TEAAA!" to which my sister mocks to this day.

more cooking. *chef jess*

For Sylvie's birthday we went to see The Script. At first I thought I might not enjoy it as much as maybe a few years ago but it was awesome! By far the most aesthetically pleasing concert so far~ the photos came out very well and it was most enjoyable!


I think the night before my birthday my brother told us he was coming back home for my birthday. Keep in mind it is about a five-six hour drive. I honestly felt like crying (okay, I did cry..) and I felt so overwhelmed that he and Hannah would come all that way to celebrate with us. So my sister booked two extra seats at an Italian restaurant. Even my sister's boyfriend Alien - which is his nickname from the family - came around for birthday cake and then we played cards and Uno. Don't you ever get those days you feel really united with your family? I honestly feel beyond blessed to have them in my life. They mean absolutely everything to me.

Of course, I also celebrated a 'school' birthday because my birthday was during time off. Sylvie gave me a hilarious bag with ours, nick's, charlie's and katie's head stuck on it. Honestly, I wish I had a photo! *tears of laughter* Nick even went and ordered me a gameboy and pokemon emerald! I was able to reunite with my old (though admittedly super lame) pokemon team.

practice cake and rocky road I was going to make for my friends.

Mother's day dinner with my mum (obviously!) and Jen. yums yumz yum~ 

LONDOOON! You can read the full photo diary { h e r e }.

Kev came back down for the bank holiday weekend and we drove to a nature reserve. The drive was lovely because it was such a sunny day! It was such good timing too~ Kev started going on the kid stuff and mother bear got all ninja and 'HAH! you suck! loook at meee and my yoga skills. BOOYAH!' (she didn't actually say that but...).  We also went to 'yam taa' and I had my much loved coconut ice cream! 

And finally, we went Leeds today and had McDonald's as you do!

So that is 2013 from January - June! Thank you if you have read so far. You should tell me if you like these life blogs... I may do them more frequently or I may just stick to doing them once or twice a year. It is rather a joyous thing making this blog because you get to look back on all the memories you would have otherwise overlooked ^^. I feel a little bit more appreciative of my life now~ <3



Sylvie said...

you've obviously had such a fab-a-roony half year because you've spent it with me.. the bestest friend EVER;D funky memories, funky funky memories!

Yak Man said...

Awesome the script :o! And omg food overload, haha! I'm hungry >_<, and awesomeeeeee pokémon! I still have my gameboy but not my pokemon thing :/.
You should do more often this kind of post ^^! And I tagged you on youtube :)

talisbury said...

I thought I would do a little blog-reading before having breakfast, boy was that a mistake! Your food looks so damn good! And I agree, when I cook my food is always 'hit or miss' as well. But I love being in the kitchen. And I love those Topshop socks, so cute!! Love your blog! Your fashion style is so adorable!

Jessica said...

funky memories funky funky memorrriessss!! ♪♪

Jessica said...

that's a shame. :( you should buy one and play some old school pokemon!
thanks for the tagg! ♡

Jessica said...

cooking is peculiar like that~ you don't know whether you're good or terrible!
& THANK YOU! ~^___^~ ♡

Thi Lan said...

very nice *_* your blog is very lovely and interesting. im glad if you visit my blog, too <3 keep in touch!